Fife Historical Society Members

The Fife Historical Society Members help support the preservation and portrayal of Fife's unique and complex cultural history. Special recognition is awarded to patrons and benefactors of local and regional history.

We encourage the exploration of family history/genealogy; dive into historical research and interpretation of historical material in our collection of over 1800 artifacts. We provide educational and community programs, events, and activities including hands-on children's experiences. Whether your family has been here for decades or you just arrived, all are welcome through our doors to enjoy what we have to offer.

Our Historical Society is pleased to recognize the following people and businesses whose membership dues continue to support our organizational mission and ensure funding of our educational programming.


  • Agnes Thomsen
  • Connie & Sandy Sessler
  • Conrad Larsen
  • Derek Matheson
  • Don Macaluso
  • Dorothy Schnider
  • Frank Dacca
  • Fred Boitano
  • Gary & Bev Shilling
  • Janet Chance
  • Jay & Kathy Sessler
  • Jeanne Hunter
  • Jim Mickelson
  • JoAnn Vanderschelden
  • Kathleen Prentice "Katie"
  • Kevin Ringus
  • Mary Ellen Piro
  • Mike Kelley
  • Mizu Sugimora
  • Ovidio & Meg Schilter-Penalver
  • Pat Duffy, Jr.
  • Paul Norby
  • Pauline Cheslock
  • Renate Leaird
  • Ron Hopkins
  • Sandra Herting
  • Stacy P. Call
  • Terri & Ron Walsh
  • Thom & Kathy Rabey